Days 75 – 77 NYC

Sunday April 29 to Tuesday May 2, 2007: New York City

My in-laws agreed to take the kids for a few days so we cashed in some frequent flyer points and took off for New York City.

Sunday we went to the Yankees – BoSox game, so dinner was a large soft pretzel (with ballpark mustard) and a $9 beer.

On Monday, we picked up breakfast from Buttercup Bakery, which we ate in the park.  After walking (and shopping) for hours and hours, we stopped for lunch at Katz’s (if I could figure out how to make pastrami this good, I’d weigh 400 pounds and I would never leave the kitchen). We had dinner at Bistro Citron (nice salads – goat cheese, beets; steak frites for K. and a burger for me).

Tuesday, coffee and muffins from Zabar’s in the park; a morning at the Met and a quick visit to the Pierpoint Morgan, followed by lunch at R.U.B. BBQ in Chelsea. It was pretty solid BBQ and Tony Roberts (from Annie Hall among other films) ate lunch at the table next to us.

I have no idea what the children ate while we were away and that’s a-ok by me…NYC was surprisingly warm, green and lush – can’t wait for our next trip back.



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