Day 75 – Mr. Crunch

Wednesday May 2, 2007: Croque Monsieur

Before coming back from New York we placed an on-line order for groceries to be delivered. It certainly made day 1 back home much easier, unfortunately our order focused a bit too much on breakfasts and snacks for the kids – we didn’t give much thought to having dinner on hand for our first night back.

A quick search through the fridge turned up cheese, ham and bread – so croque monsieur here we come. (My French isn’t the greatest, but I do know that croquer means to crunch, as I’m a bit of a dork, I’ve always referred to this sandwich as a Mr. Crunch…)

Essentially it’s a grilled ham and cheese that, once grilled, gets an additional layer of cheese on top and a short trip under the broiler to make it all a pile of melty-goodness.

The boy and K. (not being big fans of cheese) had mozzarella on theirs while my daughter and I enjoyed ours made with comte.

The Verdict

Was a surprisingly well received, low maintenance meal. The kids had some carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes with their Mr. Crunch; K. and I had a salad of mixed baby greens and a half bottle of Saintsbury Chardonnay. An easy, simple mid-week meal.


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